We have reached over half a million people in person and are grateful for the extremely enthusiastic feedback. Below are a few among thousands of testimonials we have received:

"Dr. Sood’s program has completely changed my life for the better in all ways."— C. K.

"I can’t believe what a difference it’s made in my life. My mind is the clearest it’s been in years. I can concentrate better, before seeing you I concentrated on the negative in my life. I now feel so much more peaceful rather than feeling constantly riled up." —  D.J.

"The program is totally transformative and like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for a truly enlightening and uplifting training."— K. G.

"Thank you so much for the loving presence and care you offered to C.M. in her last weeks. It helped both of us steer a peaceful path through her great transition. There was peace throughout and to the very end. It’s a blessing to have a spiritual friend like you, Amit. With deep gratitude” D.M.

"I liked how simple it was to incorporate in my life. It was a very practical practice. Working with a theme each day helped to anchor my thoughts…This was an amazing experience! Thanks for spreading these messages! I am very grateful for getting to be a part of this."— L. P.

"It brought peace to my life." D.G.

"I believe most people don’t know how their brain works and knowing how the brain fires and how it’s wired helps a lot in reducing your stress. Together with the principles: gratitude, compassion, acceptance, higher meaning, and forgiveness make this course priceless!!"— E. M.

"Transformative: when you practice these skills you can’t help but experience positive change."— K. S.

"So excited to live this. Hoping to share with husband."— A. A.

"The program provided practical application that is easily integrated and relatively accessible for patients in a short-time period. Spiritual at its core, but universal in scope."— D. L.

"The aspect of the program that I liked most was the eloquent simplicity that leads so universally to transformation."— J. R.

"The program changed my life, my outlook and love for self and others."— S. G.

"The program was totally transformative. I liked the organization, smooth transitions, Dr. Sood as an instructor, the respect I felt, the examples and practical applications, the consistent contact monthly with the teleconferences. I would very much so recommend this program to friends, loved ones, or colleagues. The skills very much helped me decreased my stress level."— T. B.

"Helped me through extremely large life stage changes finding a positive attitude – joy in the midst of the adversity and separate my thoughts, situations and feelings from who I am."— S. N.

"This is such a gift. I have so much more joy."— S. S.

"Concepts can be applied to all human beings all over the world regardless of culture, religion, or faith or non-faith centered."— K. P.

"I was able to save myself from much suffering."— M. M.

"I value the studies and scientific connection to the program principles."— B. T.

"The program was transformative as it reaffirmed, supported and enhanced my belief system."— M. S.

"Taught me skills that I could use to deal with past as well as present disruptions."— D. F.

"The principles taught in the course were totally transformative to the individual and their family and social networks."— C. P.